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SSC Selection Post Phase X General Knowledge Practice Set 07 : Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has fixed the exam date for SSC Selection Post X 2022 and the admit card has also been released. According to the notification released by the commission, the online written examination for this recruitment can be conducted between 01 or 05 August 2022, so the candidates have very little time left to prepare for the examination.

In such a situation, through this article, we will make you aware of 25 important questions of General Knowledge (GK), through which you can improve your preparation, and get good marks in the examination.

SSC Selection Post Phase X General Knowledge Practice Set 07
SSC Selection Post Phase X General Knowledge Practice Set 07

SSC Selection Post Phase X General Knowledge Practice Set 07

Question. The Shaka Samvat which starts from 78 AD reveals-

  • joy of prosperity
  • Chandragupta’s rule
  • Kanishka’s rule
  • Shivaji’s rule

Answer: 3

Question. When was the origin of the Sufi sect?

  • from Hinduism
  • from sikhs
  • from islam
  • from Buddhist

Answer: 3

Question. Vasco da Gama found India’s sea route through Asha Island and reached the first-

  • repression
  • Goa
  • Diu
  • Calicut

Answer: 4

Question. Was a sea route to India discovered?

  • by dutch
  • by portuguese
  • by the British
  • by french

Answer: 2

Question. Tirupati temple is located at-

Answer: 2

Q. The word ‘Dutch’ is related to-

  • from the netherlands
  • from Belgium
  • from Portugal
  • from Bulgaria

Answer 1

Question. Who had colonies in Pondicherry?

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Dutch

Answer: 3

Question. Mahabaleshwar is located at-

Answer: 2

Question. Which was the most important city of the Sangam period?

  • Arikamedu
  • Kaveripatnam
  • madurai
  • Vikramshila

Answer: 3

Question. Which ruler established Vikramshila University?

  • by Kumaragupta
  • Mahipal has
  • Devpal has
  • Dharampal has

Answer: 4

Question. From the 3rd century AD, when the Huns brought an end to the Roman Empire, the Indian merchants depended more and more on

  • african business
  • western european business
  • southeast asian business
  • middle eastern trade

Answer: 3

Question. Who was the last ruler of Shunga dynasty?

  • Shatkarni
  • susharma
  • Vasisthi son Pulumavi
  • Devbhuti

Answer: 4

Question. Gautami Putra Shatkarni was the ruler of which dynasty?

  • of the Sunga dynasty
  • of the Kushan dynasty
  • of Rashtrakuta dynasty
  • of the Satavahana dynasty

Answer: 4

Question. Most of the coins of the Satavahanas have been found in which metal?

  • Jeetal’s
  • of brass
  • of lead
  • of gold

Answer: 3

Question. Which of the following rulers belonged to the Das dynasty?

  • Iltutmish
  • Humayun
  • Akbar
  • Ahmad Shah Abdali

Answer 1

Question. Who among the following rulers belonged to the slave dynasty?

  • Humayun
  • Alauddin
  • Iltutmish
  • Sher Shah

Answer: 3

Question. Who became the Sultan of Delhi after Qutbuddin Aibak in 1210?

  • Ibrahim Lodi
  • Sikandar Lodi
  • Babar
  • Iltutmish

Answer: 4

Question. When the little boy Temujin grew up, he was called-

  • Genghis Khan (Genghis Khan)
  • Suleiman Pratapi
  • Attila the Hun
  • Taimurlang (Timberlane)

Answer 1

Question. The first woman ruler to rule Delhi is-

  • Chand Bibi
  • jijabai
  • Razia Sultan
  • Begum Hazrat Mahal

Answer: 3

Question. In which of the following places was the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad Saheb, born?

  • Medina
  • Kaaba
  • Maize
  • Kufa

Answer: 3

Question. Islam was founded in-

  • 3rd century BC
  • 5th century BC
  • in the 7th century AD
  • in the 5th century AD

Answer: 3

Question. Which festival is celebrated on the birth of Muhammad?

  • Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi
  • Eid-ul-Zuha
  • Bakrid
  • Eid

Answer 1

Question. When did the Hijri era begin?

  • 78 AD
  • 58 AD
  • 670 AD
  • 622 AD

Answer: 4

Question. Goa, Daman and Diu were originally colonized by-

  • by dutch
  • by the British
  • by the french
  • by the Portuguese

Answer: 4

Question. Who has got permission from Bill to set up his own company company in India?

  • Akbar
  • Jahangir
  • shahjahan
  • Aurangzeb

Answer: ??

What would be the correct answer to this question? Do give us your answer in the comment section.

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